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Tools and techniques for healing, wholeness, and happiness.


Astrological Consultations

For thousands of years people have looked to the stars to answer life’s big questions. Who am I? What path should I choose? We’ll start at the beginning to discover the astrological factors that influence your life. 

Birth Charts

Your birth date holds many insights to your true nature. A Birth or Natal Chart can give you greater clarity on your journey. It’s like your personal blueprint. Your personal Birth Chart contains this valuable information:

• Your personality traits

• Your needs 

• Your heart’s desires

• Your special talents

• Your challenges

Transit Charts

A Transit Chart is like a current events report. It illuminates the cycles of your life. Some cycles are short, like a brief rainstorm. Some cycles can last years. Each life cycle can bring opportunities, or understanding and clarity. What cycles are you in? How long will they last? How can you benefit from them? What is the easiest way to navigate through them?

Relationship Charts

Our relationships with others can bring us both great joy great frustrations. Just as it’s important to understand yourself, it’s equally important to understand the people in your world. What motivates them? What makes them happy? This knowledge will aid you in building stronger, more fulfilling relationships. 

Relationships come in all forms. A Relationship Chart can promote understanding and harmony for many types of connections:

• Husbands/wives

• Parents/children

• Siblings

• Extended families

• Romantic partners

• Colleagues

• Friends